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+Halle Raises the Bar with New Collection

Human-centric brand +Halle has taken a fresh approach to typical lounge seating with the launch of their new multi-level seating collection, designed by international design studio Form Us With Love (FUWL). The ‘Nest’ collection symbolises the first collaboration between the Swedish design powerhouse and danish-based manufacturer.

The new collection was launched during Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2016 and debuted in the Greenhouse Café, another by-product of FUWL, and a celebration of the 10-year anniversary since their first exhibition in the Greenhouse hall. Furnished with the Nest series, the Greenhouse Café functioned as a natural meeting point for the fair’s visitors and exhibitors, with just the right balance of spatial partition that enabled meetings, conversations and lunch breaks, within smaller defined areas.

By simply raising the level and lifting the lounge setting up, the dynamic design literally takes furniture to new heights and without compromising on comfort – something we were able to experience first-hand during the show.

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BAUX 3D Pixels have Arrived!

We’re excited to announce the launch of BAUX’s ingenious acoustic tiles in 3D format, which now makes it possible to work in three-dimension when designing acoustics for small-scale spaces.

Created using the same blend of natural materials (wood wool, cement and water) as the original BAUX Tiles and Panels, the 3D Pixels are designed to both break up sound waves, as well as absorb them.

Architects and designers are increasingly concerned with improving the acoustics and sound quality in rooms of various sizes and shapes, without reducing the visual experience. In smaller rooms, compressed hallways and limited spaces, sound differs considerably from larger rooms. The sounds may cause fluttering echoes, room modes and early short sound reflection. By adding a another dimension of depth and breadth, the BAUX 3D Pixel Tiles will absorb unwanted sounds and create a more pleasant environment.

The tiles are available in three thicknesses (25mm, 50mm and 75mm), five patterns and twenty colourways, all of which have been designed to work in unity, so you can mix and match to create any soundproofing pattern you like!

Check out the feature video below – Andreas Lübeck x Daniel Wallberg (a.k.a. Smutskatt) testing out the new Baux 3D Pixels. Andreas Lübeck is a photographer and visual artist and Smutskatt is one of Sweden’s most prominent and creative beat makers.


A special toolkit has been developed for architects and designers to personalise patterns in whatever combination you desire. If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to be sent the toolkit please email or call us on 0151 363 0544.

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The Endless Designs of BAUX

BAUX is an acoustic construction material that meets the contemporary expectations of designers and architects, without compromising on aesthetics, safety and environmental standards.

The panels are constructed of an environmentally-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components combined together provide excellent sound absorption, moisture-regulating qualities and heat-accumulating capabilities. With twenty colour-ways, six shaped tiles and 5 patterned panels to choose from, the combinations are endless!

Here’s a round-up of our favourite inspirational walls and tips on how you can mix and match the products to re-create your own wall:

Bring the outdoors in and create your own biophilic design with careful placement of the Hexagonal Tiles with just three colours.

Multicolour in NCS 3050-R90B, NCS 3040-R10B, NCS 0530-B10G.

Like a giant magic eye picture, create your own optical illusions with a considered mix of Parallelogram Panels, and Square and Triangular Tiles.

Multicolour in NCS 9000-N, NCS 7502-B, NCS 2502-B, NCS 0300-N

Chevrons, herringbone, zigzags, call them what you will – the visually striking geometric lines on the Diagonal Panels, add a dynamic design to any space.

Monochrome in NCS 3050-R90B 

Get a little bit more creative with your workplace way-finding and signpost everything from reception areas to office floors and meeting rooms, using Triangular, Square and Rectangular Tiles.

Multicolour in NCS 4040-R10B, NCS S 0300-N

Considered the most restful colour for the eye, these shades of greens combined with lighter colours can help make rooms seem more expansive, brighter and airy. Design yours with Diagonal Panels.

Multicolour in NCS S 3050-R90B, NCS S 320-B10G, NCS S 2020-B70G, NCS S 0530-B10G, NCS 9000-N, NCS S 4020-G10Y, NCS S 1010-G30Y, NCS S 1020-G

Like a true piece of art, this intricate pattern features no less than 12 colour-ways across the Square, Parallelogram and Triangular Tiles. Piece of cake!

Multicolour in NCS S 6020-B, NCS S 3050-R90B, NCS S 4040-R10B, NCS S 5020-Y90R, NCS S 7502-B, NCS S 3020-B10G, NCS 3040-R10B, NCS S 2030-Y40R, NCS S 1020-G, NCS S 0530-B10G, NCS S 1030-R10B, NCS S 1510-R40B

For further information, pricing or for a link to download the BAUX Architect’s Toolkit please contact us by email at or call 0151 363 0544.

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Note Design’s Ceramic Pendants have Arrived!

Form are excited to announce the arrival of the Ex.t Fuse lighting range to our portfolio of contemporary furniture, lighting and interior accessories.

Ex.t is a Florentine brand with a mission to ‘create design objects that are beautiful and original’ through the use of  artisan techniques and materials. The products are created by mixing the international visions of designers from across the world – who include the likes of Note Design Studio – with their Italian knowledge and the handcrafted techniques of Tuscan ateliers. What we find most interesting, is that the company is composed entirely of a female team.

We first spotted the Fuse pendants when visiting the FineFoods bistro in Stockholm. Note Design Studio was commissioned to design the FineFoods interior, which was inspired by a photo series of the misty death valley by photographer Jordan Sullivan. The ceramic pendant lights blended perfectly into the clean, calm, yet inspiring bistro environment. If you’re taking a trip to Stockholm, we highly recommend visiting FineFoods to enjoy the Swedish meatballs with lingonberries and mashed potatoes!

You can also read our insight on the FineFoods interior ‘Death Valley Comes to Stockholm’ here.

For further information, pricing or CAD blocks on the Fuse collection please contact us by email at or call 0151 363 0544.

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A Speaker that’s Part of the Furniture

We praised Danish speaker manufacturer Vifa when they launched their highly-praised wireless Copenhagen speaker, and now we’re about to do it all over again, as their latest wireless hi-fi system ‘Stockholm’ launches.

Vifa has been supplying the high-end audio market since the 1930s, with the finest speaker parts that are designed and built to last. The philosophy focuses on creating devices that produce the best sound possible, combining technical expertise and craftsmanship with the understated aesthetic of Scandinavian design.

Vifa Copenhagen marked the release of the brand’s first complete audio system, which is both a portable and wireless loudspeaker, offering intuitive user experience and, naturally, state-of-the-art sound. ‘Copenhagen’ has already been awarded with two internationally recognised awards – the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award (both in the category of ‘Best Product Design’) highlighting it as the ultimate device for anyone who values design, just as much as great sound.

Vifa Stockholm was released next and looks equally at home in an office boardroom, reception or hotel lounge, as it does in the home, thanks to its clean lines and elegant simplicity.

Both systems look more custom-made than mass-produced, beautifully covered in a fabric grille produced by leading Danish textile manufacturer, Kvadrat. The high-quality wool fabric which shelters the components is extremely lightfast and resistant to pilling and is produced through an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

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Working It, Living It: The New Office “It” Chair

Arper’s latest ‘Soft Tech’ approach seamlessly fuses technology into an object’s design, so that all we are left with is the experience. Soft tech, which also means “low tech” or “no tech”, naturally integrates technology so that it is invisible, intuitive and silent, whilst not limiting human interaction.

This highlights that technology gives us the flexibility to work from almost anywhere and that a lot of the time, technology is invisible for our convenience. Arper also focuses on the ongoing evolution of the way we live and work today, recognising the importance of incorporating a work-life design approach into the contemporary workspace. Basing their design for Kinesit on this philosophy, they have created a task chair that incorporates simplicity in its design, yet adaptiveness in its functions.


The Kinesit collection is Arper’s first office chair that is 100% compliant with regulatory requirements; to name a few features, this means that the chair’s seat and back is fully adjustable and is offered in three different heights, and there is also the option of 2D armrests. The most impressive feature is the built-in self-tensioning weight response mechanism that has been developed in cooperation with experts at Donati Spa (a planning and construction company in Italy). This means that the Kinesit will automatically respond to the weight and pressure of the user and allow for synchronised movement. Aesthetically, none of the mechanisms are visible as they are completely integrated into the chair, and natural comfort is achieved thanks to the comfortable, light and liveable form.

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Little Red Lighting Hood

The Hood pendant is an ideal solution for open plan environments, functioning both as a light source and a sound barrier, helping to create a more intimate space in the contemporary office landscape. It’s modular structure means that Hood can grow according to need.

The modular, compressed-felt lamp shades are designed to create a cosy environment around a table and come in shades of black, dark grey, light grey, sand and red.

Seams folded outward around the edge of each panel are then connected with small pegs to form the Hood modular lamp shades. Three different sections are used to create the shades: four corner panels are attached to create a dome, then the shape can be extended by adding curved side or flat top sections.

These formations create vaulted coverings that are circular, oblong or chamfered-square shapes in plan. The light sources are covered in acrylic domes that hang from thin wires connected to the ceiling, wherever four sections meet.

Clever stuff by the team at Form Us With Love for lighting company ateljé Lyktan.

The Hood modular pendant is a sheltering lamp that creates both room and light.

“Open areas become the ultimate flexibility, but emotionally it is not always preferred. In Scandinavia, most offices are too bare and you only have your laptop screen as your protective shield. Hod is built around the emotional value of a shelter, where the intimate room is protected, letting you keep the landscape view.”

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Soundproofing never Looked so Good

Normally, when you think of insulation, you think of ugly foam stuffed into the nooks and crannies of old walls. But today we’re seeing blends of wood, wool, cement and water — as graphic wall art that is also insulating and soundproof.

Good design focuses on all of our senses and in particular, those two that are most closely associated with our ability to work more efficiently – sight and hearing. Every day we’re surrounded by sound, which is why the acoustic environment is playing an increasingly important role in the design process of offices and public spaces.

Noise and visual distraction can have a direct impact on staff health and productivity. Providing the optimum level of acoustic performance is never an easy challenge which is why it is important to ‘help’ surfaces and spaces in the best way possible to create a pleasant acoustic environment, in which staff can stay both creative
and focused.

One of our latest obsessions is with Swedish industrial design studio, Form Us With Love. BAUX, their latest venture, explores two of the world’s oldest building materials, combined to create unique acoustic wall panels. The combination is simple and ingenious, resulting in an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water.

The material structure reduces reflection of sound, absorbs sound and dampens noise and contributes to restful acoustics in residential buildings, industrial premises and public spaces. BAUX acoustic panels meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders, without compromising on safety and environmental standards and can be combined to create beautiful
patterns that can be mounted magnetically or fixed with glue.

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