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BAUX 3D Pixels have Arrived!

We’re excited to announce the launch of BAUX’s ingenious acoustic tiles in 3D format, which now makes it possible to work in three-dimension when designing acoustics for small-scale spaces.

Created using the same blend of natural materials (wood wool, cement and water) as the original BAUX Tiles and Panels, the 3D Pixels are designed to both break up sound waves, as well as absorb them.

Architects and designers are increasingly concerned with improving the acoustics and sound quality in rooms of various sizes and shapes, without reducing the visual experience. In smaller rooms, compressed hallways and limited spaces, sound differs considerably from larger rooms. The sounds may cause fluttering echoes, room modes and early short sound reflection. By adding a another dimension of depth and breadth, the BAUX 3D Pixel Tiles will absorb unwanted sounds and create a more pleasant environment.

The tiles are available in three thicknesses (25mm, 50mm and 75mm), five patterns and twenty colourways, all of which have been designed to work in unity, so you can mix and match to create any soundproofing pattern you like!

Check out the feature video below – Andreas Lübeck x Daniel Wallberg (a.k.a. Smutskatt) testing out the new Baux 3D Pixels. Andreas Lübeck is a photographer and visual artist and Smutskatt is one of Sweden’s most prominent and creative beat makers.


A special toolkit has been developed for architects and designers to personalise patterns in whatever combination you desire. If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to be sent the toolkit please email or call us on 0151 363 0544.