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Bouroullec’s Typeface Inspired Design for Samsung

Samsung are well know for testing the waters when it comes to technology but their recent collaboration with the Bouroullec brothers, who are famous for their furniture designs and installations, maybe one of their most versatile partnerships yet.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec designed Serif, a design led TV that sits naturally in the world we live in and acts as part of the furniture. It features an ultra-flat screen, ‘I’ shaped profile and back upholstered panel that hides all wires and workings of the TV that are usually on show. One of the design aims was to create a TV that can be manipulated and can stand in any environment; this is complimented by shelf on top of the TV, thanks to its ‘I’ shaped silhouette, which can be used as a regular shelf would be.

The name and shape were both inspired by ‘Serif’ typefaces. In typography a serif is a small line that is attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol; hence the ‘I’ silhouette and ability to use the top of the TV as a shelf.


Not only is the Serif like a piece of furniture, it has been designed to be less intrusive than a regular TV. It features ‘Curtain Mode’ so when it is turned on, it comes to life gently, rather than showing loud logos like other TV’s. From here, the user can choose what they want to do; whether that be display a clock, use the Bluetooth speaker, browse the apps or view their photo gallery.

This breakthrough in TV design shows that as technology advances, its design is just as important than any other aspect of the product. The TV will be on the market to buy in November – We can’t wait to get one!

Insight by Charlotte