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‘Form Talks’ with Schneid Studio

We’ve long admired the Schneid design studio from afar, and so it was a pleasure to finally catch up with founder Niklas Jessen and Julia Mülling about their new space in Lübeck. Niklas, is a trained architect and carpenter, and Julia is the creative behind the beautiful light fittings. Here’s what they had to say when we caught up with them last month….

You’ve both built an amazing space for the new home of Schneid, and it’s almost a holistic space encompassing your office, workshop, warehouse and showroom, all under one roof. We know you’re based in northern Germany, but what made you choose Lübeck’s city center to set down your roots?

“When looking at locations for our new workspace, we always had in mind that we wanted to work in a building that had a story behind it. When we came across this great location in Lübeck’s harbor area, we fell in love with the building and the feeling of old craftsmanship we felt upon entering. We have since found out that Julia’s grandfather once worked in this very building. A visit is worthwhile, because as you can here very quickly understand complete design processes.”


The new space is so full of character, and we particularly enjoy the openness to roam between the different functions of the company, but what is your favourite feature of the building?

“We love the size of this old building. We now have enough space to grow and feel free when we work. We have everything that we need under one roof; our workshop is located next to our kitchen and from the office you can go out to the roof terrace, where we like to sit and relax.”

You both come from super creative backgrounds and we understand that Julia is currently studying at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, so we wondered where your inspiration came from for the design of the interior?

“Inspiration came from the minimalistic, industrial style interior we found when we originally bought the building. We have reused a lot of the furniture and have just used fresh colours to brighten them up a little, so it now has a mixture of industrial and comfortable style. We wanted a big bright room, almost like an artist’s studio, where we can be creative. We also got to use special bright grey ship paint for the floor, which is used in the Lubeck harbor for painting big constructions.”

Your lamp fittings are a truly crafted product, with a play on proportions, shapes and sustainability, so how have you managed to incorporate the ‘Schneid’ way of thinking into the design of your new workspace?

“The Schneid products are mostly based on this idea of industrial yet comfortable style. The Eikon Pendant Lamp emerged from the idea to create a synthesis of the industrial age, hence its functional, minimalistic design, as well as incorprating a Scandinavian tradition that uses wood to create a natural aesthetic. It’s not immediately noticeable, but the Eikon manages this balancing act with the use of material combinations like wood, metal and silicone. The concept for the interior of our workspace arose from the similar idea to create a mixture of the industrial style with warm materials like wood and soft colors.”

We’re big believers that our experiences shape our creativity, so do you think working in a building with such interesting and personal past will this inspire any of your future products?

“Our favourite material to work with has always been wood, but with us now working in a building that has such strong associations with the metal industry, we think that this will inspire us to do more projects with this material as well. We have found some interesting old metal objects from the former training hall in the basement, which are very inspiring to us!”

Does working in such a unique environment help to inspire your designs?

“We believe that the space you work in is always very important in terms of your work, your ideas and your well being; your environment influences everything you do. We think our workspace has already influenced our work in many ways and has inspired our recent and upcoming projects.”

And finally, is there anything you would like to ask our next interviewee for ‘Form Talks’?

“What is your main inspiration for the products you design?”

Big thanks to Niklas and Julia for taking the time to chat with us for ‘Form Talks’.

Schneid’s latest product ‘Junit’ has just launched and can be admired with the rest of the Schneid collection here, or alternatively you can contact us for further information or trade pricing by email at or call 0151 363 0544.