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From a Bottle to a Chair

The Pod Chair by Benjamin Hubert for De Vorm is a privacy chair for breakout areas in workplaces or hospitality spaces. The shell of the Pod is made of a felt material manufactured from PET (also known as polyethylene terephthalate) and shaped through compression moulding. The design of the Pod reduces many traditional production steps to one smart 3D pressing technique and the shell of the chair is the largest form ever produced utilising this technology.

The PET felt used in the production of the Pod chair is made out of used plastic and recycled bottles. The collected PET bottles are turned into a soft, yet strong felt material, which is durable, UV stabilized and boasts great acoustic performance. PET felt has its own characteristic aesthetic, as well as sound dampening properties to increase the sensation of privacy within large or crowded spaces.

“We believe PET Technology is one of the answers to ecological sustainability and environmental quality requirements in contemporary interior design.”

De Vorm have utilised PET as a solid foundation for numerous applications, such as the Pod chair and Onde, a range of acoustic wall panels. De Vorm’s smart production innovations and unconventional material choices have a drastically improved effect on the further lifecycle of the product and it’s environment, as PET felt is both recycled as well as recyclable itself.


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