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Is this the Future of Office Furniture?

Sometimes within the furniture industry it can be hard to come up with new ways to keep designs fresh and exciting and although manufacturers do it so well, it is also interesting to see what the younger generation of future designers envision as the next era of furniture.

During our trip to Salone del Mobile we came across ‘In Our Office’ an exhibition by first year MA students from Lund University, School of Industrial Design. The twelve-piece installation highlighted how small-scale offices go unnoticed in terms of furniture design, however it shouldn’t as it is such an interesting habitat where work and fun can be combined and furniture design can help to do this. As a result, the students had developed prototypes all of which had a unique spin on their design.

The Bunk Desk takes design inspiration from bunk beds, creating a desk with two levels that changes the dynamics of an office by providing a distraction-free zone. The unique desk also provides a workspace that encourages teamwork and collaboration.

We have noticed a massive increase in the use of plants in offices over the last few years as they help to improve air quality and uplift the mood. The only problem is that sometimes they get neglected in a busy office, as watering the plants is not the first thing on our to-do lists. Babylon is a solution to this problem and provides an ingenious way to care for plants easily; by pouring water into the funnel at the top, you irrigate all the plants in one go, as the water goes into an inner chamber that gradually transfers out into the soil in the outer pot.


Making a coffee is a great way to get colleagues talking no matter how big or small the office. Coffee Corner provides a place to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee. It also provides an impromptu meeting place, so could even help productivity when your colleagues are feeling a little demotivated.

Spot On helps you set the perfect lighting intensity for the day ahead thanks to the three colour temperatures available. With Spot On you can change how your desk feels everyday and you can even direct the light accordingly as the lampshades are magnetic.

Plug & Play is a new take on power outlets, a modular wiring system that lets you create dynamic and adaptable power grids by placing and connecting access hubs with flexible cords. Never be inconvenienced by power outlets again, with Plug & Play you can work wherever you like!

As much as you may like your work colleagues, sometimes all you need is abit of me time, which is the idea behind BRB. A place for peace, individual work or even a power nap!

Each piece of the ‘In Our Office’ collection highlights how much work spaces are evolving and adapting to suit our individual needs and work life balance. Can you see any of these pieces taking centre stage in your office?