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Jon Burgerman X Kirkby Design

When brands collaborate it gives greater scope for unique outcomes; we all know the saying too many cooks spoil the broth but in terms of design collaborations, more cooks results in more unique ideas, greater insight to different industries and different points of view.

At this years Design Junction, we got a chance to stop by the Jon Burgerman x Kirkby Design stand, who have recently joined forces to create a fabric range that uses a unique approach to colour and scale, with designs that will playfully inject art into residential and contract schemes. We got a chance to meet Jon and talk to him about his artwork and the ideas behind his unique designs; he said the two things that inspired his creations where ‘fun and old school computer games’.

Jon Burgerman is referenced as the leading figure in Doodle art style and investigates improvising and play through drawing and spectacle. He is known for his quirky and creative drawing style, using creatures, characters and objects that are inspired by the modern day world, to bring his drawings to life. Colour is also a focal point in Burgerman’s designs, with some designs being every colour of the rainbow, some monochrome and some designs that use pastel colours to create a more calming nature.


Their stand at Design Junction was nothing but enjoyable and truly captured Burgerman’s fun, playful nature. The designs where created using an array of artist tools; paints, crayons, ink, marker pens and paper cutouts to create a world of creatures, characters and shapes for unique collaborations. The fabrics where then produced using the latest digital printing techniques to capture every mark, smudge and wash of ink to create a realistic hand-drawn effect.


Burgerman’s collaboration with emerging design house, Kirkby Design, has opened a new door in terms of contract fabrics; now possibilities are endless in terms of adding character, colour and a sense of playful silliness into your workspace. Kirky Design is a modern, fabric resource, with a fabric collection that has a sharp, fashionable feel, as well as a well balanced and sophisticated palette. Burgerman’s collection adds versatility, highlights exploration and complements there already existing collection of high performance, contemporary fabric.