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Little Red Lighting Hood

The Hood pendant is an ideal solution for open plan environments, functioning both as a light source and a sound barrier, helping to create a more intimate space in the contemporary office landscape. It’s modular structure means that Hood can grow according to need.

The modular, compressed-felt lamp shades are designed to create a cosy environment around a table and come in shades of black, dark grey, light grey, sand and red.

Seams folded outward around the edge of each panel are then connected with small pegs to form the Hood modular lamp shades. Three different sections are used to create the shades: four corner panels are attached to create a dome, then the shape can be extended by adding curved side or flat top sections.

These formations create vaulted coverings that are circular, oblong or chamfered-square shapes in plan. The light sources are covered in acrylic domes that hang from thin wires connected to the ceiling, wherever four sections meet.

Clever stuff by the team at Form Us With Love for lighting company ateljé Lyktan.

The Hood modular pendant is a sheltering lamp that creates both room and light.

“Open areas become the ultimate flexibility, but emotionally it is not always preferred. In Scandinavia, most offices are too bare and you only have your laptop screen as your protective shield. Hod is built around the emotional value of a shelter, where the intimate room is protected, letting you keep the landscape view.”

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