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Livin’ Work by Edgley Design + SOA Studio

It fascinates us to see how the world of work is constantly evolving, becoming more flexible and moving from the standard office to virtually anywhere. We are constantly studying new ways of working and it excites us that more and more people are accepting that this is now a normal way to work. One of the main reasons is the massive rise in co-working spaces and new, innovative concepts such as the ingenious Zoku Hotel.

The newest concept that we have seen is the Godson Street development in Islington, London that was completed earlier this year. Godson Street is the product of a Joint Community Venture between architects Jake Edgley of Edgley Design, James Engel of Spaced Out Ltd and partnership head for CKS Chris Joannou, who were all neighbours of the site. The concept was designed to respond to the demand for living and working spaces for entrepreneurs and creatives and is a commercial development, that has re-thought the common typology of the usual commercial property with residential spaces above and adapted them to suit modern day living and working. The development has even been awarded the prestigious RIBA Regional London Award.

Godson Street is a quiet, pedestrianised road that has sat derelict for years but has now been transformed into five mixed-use buildings consisting of functional and practical commercial offices on the lower floors and living spaces above. The residential spaces have an unusual reversed interior scheme with the bedrooms on the lower floor and living spaces on the top.

From the outside, the units take the form of large, concrete, monolithic blocks, rising from basements and functioning as supporting ‘pedestals’. The design is quite striped back but consists of striking geometry and a subtle colour palette and features a zinc exterior in a range of colours, all of which help to add character to the development. Inside the units, the material palette has been cleverly selected and used to differentiate areas of activity; the windows within the living area of the units are also angled to look down onto the street rather than directly across into offices, apartments or surrounding homes. Both the interior and exterior of the units have quite a simple, striped back aesthetic but nonetheless have a striking appearance from the outside and a cosy, comfortable interior.

We know first hand how having a home office can disrupt your daily life in terms of never being able to switch off and constantly being surrounded by work; this collaboration has managed to perfectly separate working and living life, although it is still in the same building, being able to escape the office completely as it is on another floor allows residents to gain a good work-life balance and allows them to be completely flexible with work hours. Hopefully this concept, that is already proving to be a huge success, will continue its success and we will see more concepts like this in the future.

Images courtesy of: Jack Hobson and Edgley Design.