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Mast Brother’s Graphic Chocolate

If you like chocolate as much as we do, then you definitely need to take a trip to the new Mast Brothers chocolate flagship store in Shoreditch, London; where you will find an array of chocolate bars, confections and beverages that are all crafted under one roof.

The Mast brothers are experts at creating handmade artisanal products and since 2006 have been experimenting with cocoa beans. In 2006, Brooklyn – the original home of the Mast Brothers chocolate – was full of gossip about the brothers who had turned their apartment into a chocolate factory; the pair where among the first bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers in America. They began by selling their products at farmers markets and from there opened their first factory in Brooklyn, NY in 2007. Since then, the world has gone crazy for their tasty, unique concoctions, including high-end restaurants and specialty shops across the globe.

Their products are simple and only use the essential ingredients; the most important being the cocoa beans that the Mast brothers source from farmers or cooperatives from across the globe. As soon as the beans are sourced, they are hand sorted in order to check that the quality is up to the high standards the Mast’s expect for their chocolate. Different flavours of chocolate are then hand-created in-store; some of the most popular being Almond & Sea Salt and Salt & Pepper.

During LDF we got chance to stop by the new Mast store and even picked ourselves up a bar of the limited edition chocolate for LDF 15 and it was honestly the tastiest chocolate we’ve had for a while. Next time we are defiantly going to try one of their signature brewed chocolate drinks!

Not only did we love the chocolate, we loved the aesthetic and feel of the store; friendly, warm and the smell was incredible! The aesthetic of the new flagship is as unique and simple as their recipes. The chocolate bars are displayed like accessories in a designer boutique, all individually wrapped in packaging that is also handcrafted in-store. The packaging in fact brings the chocolate to life even before you’ve tried it, with each flavor having its own personality, colouring and pattern. Everything is on show in store, which is something the Mast brothers aimed for, “everything about the design of the space is to showcase and connect people to chocolate making.”

Even you can try your hand at being a chocolate artisan with the ‘Mast Brother Chocolate: A Family Cookbook’, where they share some delicious recipes and their inspiring story.