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Meet Cubert……The Power Light

It lights, it charges and lets face it, it looks cool; its design is very simple yet there is almost a futuristic feel to it. This year it won the Red Dot Design award for its quality, high-class design and the fact that no other product on the market combines form and function as Cubert does.

The Cubert, by Colbrook Bosson Saunders, uniquely combines the ability to power and charge portable devices with a touch-dimmable LED light. Cubert features two mains sockets, two smart USB ports and the ability to recognise the principle device, which in simple terms means that when both ports are in use the first device to be plugged in will be given primary charging provision. Cubert uses high efficiency, long life LEDs that ensure an even distribution of illumination.



The design of Cubert makes it versatile and it is a good lighting solution for a range of interiors. The head of the lamp tilts and rotates to suit the users ergonomic preference and its ultra-compact footprint means that it doesn’t interfere with surface space and can be easily repositioned to suit the user. This being said, the Cubert is a perfect solution for a personal lamp to be used within a co-working space or a hotel bedside. Its charging and power abilities make it a perfect component for places where people are on the go and mobile. Its compact footprint also means that it doesn’t have to be fixed to a particular place or position and so is a versatile option for co-working spaces when collaboration or team activities are taking place.

The Cubert is now available at Form.


Insight by Charlotte