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+Halle Raises the Bar with New Collection

Human-centric brand +Halle has taken a fresh approach to typical lounge seating with the launch of their new multi-level seating collection, designed by international design studio Form Us With Love (FUWL). The ‘Nest’ collection symbolises the first collaboration between the Swedish design powerhouse and danish-based manufacturer.

The new collection was launched during Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2016 and debuted in the Greenhouse Café, another by-product of FUWL, and a celebration of the 10-year anniversary since their first exhibition in the Greenhouse hall. Furnished with the Nest series, the Greenhouse Café functioned as a natural meeting point for the fair’s visitors and exhibitors, with just the right balance of spatial partition that enabled meetings, conversations and lunch breaks, within smaller defined areas.

By simply raising the level and lifting the lounge setting up, the dynamic design literally takes furniture to new heights and without compromising on comfort – something we were able to experience first-hand during the show.

Fascinated by the typologies of pedestals, such as the Umpire’s chair on a tennis court and driving an SUV, the design studio experimented with a lofty landscape, adding the element of dignity and softness – to a seat with a view. “We believe that a comfortable high seat is a natural part of any lounge and bar environment, providing the opportunity to sit longer at a tall table”, says John Löfgren, Creative Director at Form Us With Love.

Inspired by the way people act in public spaces, the result is the fusion of a bar stool and a sofa, creating a soft, inviting and comfortable high seating experience, and specially crafted to be durable without compromising on the sleekness of the frame.

Previously, in order to create a room within a room environment, you were forced to use tall room dividers or larger high back booths and sofas. However, with the vertical Nest collection and the variation in heights, it can be achieved more subtlety with furniture and, without compromising on aesthetic or functional elements.

The Nest collection consists of two optional heights of tables, chairs and sofas. For further information or pricing please contact us by email at or call 0151 363 0544.