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Serpentine Pavilion 2015

This year marks the 15th Serpentine Pavilion – one of the top-ten most visited architectural and design exhibitions in the world.

Award winning, Spanish architect studio selgascano, who have never created a structure in England, were the ones who were given the honor of designing the Pavillion.

The result of their design is a playful, chrysalis-like structure that incorporates nature, the landscape in which it is surrounded by, pays tribute to the previous designs and multitudes of colour that create a rich stained-glass effect within the interior.

Incorporating nature into their designs is something that selgascano are famous for; their office in the woods, took a similar approach and resulted in a workspace that is completely surrounded by nature.

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The unique, joyful structure and materials incorporated in the creation of the Pavilion, allow elements such as light, transparency, shadows, form, surprise and colour to work in combination with each other to deliver that element of surprise to its visitors during their journey.

There are several entrances, each one different in terms of colour, shape and volume, allowing visitors to pass through corridors between the inner and outer layer of the structure, before entering the interior of the structure, where a specific journey will then be taken; dependent upon the entrance that was chosen.

The Serpentine Pavilion will be on display until and open to visitors until the 15th October 2015 in London’s Kensington Gardens; during this time a number of events will be taking place.

Insight by Charlotte