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Working the Floor

An emerging trend spotted at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week is the concept of designing spaces that allows individuals to not only choose where they work, but also to facilitate how they work too, whether that be standing, sitting, leaning, hanging or even lying down!

This takes the current workplace trend for “touchdown points” and “third spaces” and offers a fresh approach to these new ways of working. The two pieces designed around this idea that caught our eye at CDW 2015 are Prooff’s #007 ‘OffSize’ and Hitch Mylius’s ‘HM221’.

Designed by Dutch designer Léon de Lange, Prooff’s OffSize offers a comfy alternative away from the desk, a spontaneous meeting area or a place to relax and take a break. Inspired by art from the Italian Renaissance, OffSize has cleverly combined elements that allow you to sit, lean and lie down, creating a modern-day version of the renaissance when occupied. There are three fully upholstered pieces that make up the OffSize range and when it comes to positioning the lightweight elements, they can be easily moved into a formation of choice; clustered together or placed individually. It can elegantly utilise corners creating intimate environments, or opt for a linear cluster of individual pieces along a hallway. The beauty of OffSize is that it’s designed to support the body to stretch into natural positions. Although comfortable, after a while, each shaped unit compels you to twist, turn and move into another posture or perhaps move onto a different element altogether.

Pictured below is the new Prooff #007 Offsize.

Pictured above is the new Prooff #010 BeTween – a piece of furniture designed to act as a landmark in an environment, attracting people to be a part of the space.

Hitch Mylius’s HM221 was designed by Timothee Mion and originated from a brief set by Hitch Mylius for final year students at Central St Martins, who were asked to consider the changing nature of modern working spaces. The concept was created following Mion’s research into behavioural science in the workplace, including collaborative working, social interaction and the use of technology. The modular system takes a similar concept of altering the perception of how one should sit, providing nine modules in the collection in which to work, either privately or as a group. The different levels allow seating at various heights or spaces to lean on whilst working on your laptop or engaging in a meeting – with double-sided units for freestanding configurations or single sided pieces to back onto a wall (with the option of integrated power and data modules). Displayed in the Malmaison Hotel during CDW 2015, we where able to see how versatile this product can be in terms of both the environments it can be incorporated into and the flexibility it can bring to a workplace, reception area or even an airport lounge.

Both of these new products highlight the importance of incorporating comfort into a workplace. Offering an alternative space to work from which supports our natural behaviour, can help to motivate, inspire and produce creativity; overall creating a healthier and happier workplace.

For further information on the new Proof or Hitch Mylius collection please contact us by email at or call 0151 363 0544.

Insight by Charlotte