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The Endless Designs of BAUX

BAUX is an acoustic construction material that meets the contemporary expectations of designers and architects, without compromising on aesthetics, safety and environmental standards.

The panels are constructed of an environmentally-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components combined together provide excellent sound absorption, moisture-regulating qualities and heat-accumulating capabilities. With twenty colour-ways, six shaped tiles and 5 patterned panels to choose from, the combinations are endless!

Here’s a round-up of our favourite inspirational walls and tips on how you can mix and match the products to re-create your own wall:

Bring the outdoors in and create your own biophilic design with careful placement of the Hexagonal Tiles with just three colours.

Multicolour in NCS 3050-R90B, NCS 3040-R10B, NCS 0530-B10G.

Like a giant magic eye picture, create your own optical illusions with a considered mix of Parallelogram Panels, and Square and Triangular Tiles.

Multicolour in NCS 9000-N, NCS 7502-B, NCS 2502-B, NCS 0300-N

Chevrons, herringbone, zigzags, call them what you will – the visually striking geometric lines on the Diagonal Panels, add a dynamic design to any space.

Monochrome in NCS 3050-R90B 

Get a little bit more creative with your workplace way-finding and signpost everything from reception areas to office floors and meeting rooms, using Triangular, Square and Rectangular Tiles.

Multicolour in NCS 4040-R10B, NCS S 0300-N

Considered the most restful colour for the eye, these shades of greens combined with lighter colours can help make rooms seem more expansive, brighter and airy. Design yours with Diagonal Panels.

Multicolour in NCS S 3050-R90B, NCS S 320-B10G, NCS S 2020-B70G, NCS S 0530-B10G, NCS 9000-N, NCS S 4020-G10Y, NCS S 1010-G30Y, NCS S 1020-G

Like a true piece of art, this intricate pattern features no less than 12 colour-ways across the Square, Parallelogram and Triangular Tiles. Piece of cake!

Multicolour in NCS S 6020-B, NCS S 3050-R90B, NCS S 4040-R10B, NCS S 5020-Y90R, NCS S 7502-B, NCS S 3020-B10G, NCS 3040-R10B, NCS S 2030-Y40R, NCS S 1020-G, NCS S 0530-B10G, NCS S 1030-R10B, NCS S 1510-R40B

For further information, pricing or for a link to download the BAUX Architect’s Toolkit please contact us by email at or call 0151 363 0544.