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The Halo Effect by Resident

Our latest lighting picks are selected from New Zealand based design house Resident. The collection lends itself to bold materiality and exceptional fabrication and is constructed around a seamless ring of LED light, creating a warm and functional floating lighting loop, whilst the mesh dome acts as a reflector, which reflects light into the space.

The Mesh Space Wall Light and Mesh Space Ceiling Light designed by Flynn Talbot were released at New York Design Week 2015 and compliment the existing Mesh Space Pendant Light within the collection.

Flynn Talbot operates a specialised lighting design and light installation studio from Perth, Australia. Talbot’s work begins with the consideration of the “light effect” first, and each project is crafted around this concept. Every decision and detail is made with the quality of light and user connection in mind, which is a strong point of difference in his work.

The Mesh Space Ceiling Light is a good option for interior spaces that have low ceilings and other areas where suspended pendant lighting isn’t feasible. In this instance, the brass dome floats horizontally to create an even spread of light on the surface below. Both new designs feature an additional LED dimmer, which is contained within the base for easy installation on new and retro-fit interior projects.


The Mesh collection consists of the Mesh Space PendantMesh Space Wall Light and Mesh Ceiling Light. For further information or project pricing please contact us by email at or call 0151 363 0544.