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The Great Wall of BAUX

BAUX (aka Träullit Dekor) explores two of the world’s oldest building materials, combined to create unique acoustic wall panels that are light-weight, flexible and eco-friendly. The combination is simple and ingenious, resulting in a recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water.

The wood wool is manufactured with zero waste in the forests of Småland, in Sweden, where local spruce trees supply the timber. Wood fibres give the product a heat-insulating, heat-retaining and sound-absorbing structure, whilst the cement is used as a binding agent and provides strength, moisture resistance and fire protection.

The idea behind BAUX was to use materials that would normally be hidden, such as sound and heat insulation, and rework them as elements that can contribute to a visually appealing and structural design feature.

“The acoustic panel collection inspires us to create holistic interiors at scale. By using large patterns, we can integrate empty walls and open planned spaces in both a practical and emotional way.”

Below is a visual documentation of the start to finish manufacturing process, which starts in the southern Swedish woodlands just outside Österbymo and finishes with the binding process at the factory nearby:

The colourful modular elements of the Acoustic Panels or alternatively, the smaller Acoustic Tiles are an economical way to create design-led and practical acoustic solutions that meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders, without compromising on safety and environmental standards. When combined together, the panels or tiles can create distinctive architectural features that can be fixed with glue or mounted magnetically to a metal base surface, so they can be easily  rearranged and replaced.

The material structure reduces reflection of sound, absorbs sound, dampens noise and contributes to restful acoustics in commercial projects including offices, public spaces and even outdoors. Other design values include thermal insulation, moisture regulation, fire resistant, mould and rot resistant, freeze-thaw resistant and termite and vermin resistant. Building benefits for users of the interior space include lower energy costs, a reduced environmental impact and a stable indoor climate.

Explore the new BAUX collection.

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The ‘Deep Forest Adventure’ project documented by photographer Jonas Lindström.