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Working It, Living It: The New Office “It” Chair

Arper’s latest ‘Soft Tech’ approach seamlessly fuses technology into an object’s design, so that all we are left with is the experience. Soft tech, which also means “low tech” or “no tech”, naturally integrates technology so that it is invisible, intuitive and silent, whilst not limiting human interaction.

This highlights that technology gives us the flexibility to work from almost anywhere and that a lot of the time, technology is invisible for our convenience. Arper also focuses on the ongoing evolution of the way we live and work today, recognising the importance of incorporating a work-life design approach into the contemporary workspace. Basing their design for Kinesit on this philosophy, they have created a task chair that incorporates simplicity in its design, yet adaptiveness in its functions.


The Kinesit collection is Arper’s first office chair that is 100% compliant with regulatory requirements; to name a few features, this means that the chair’s seat and back is fully adjustable and is offered in three different heights, and there is also the option of 2D armrests. The most impressive feature is the built-in self-tensioning weight response mechanism that has been developed in cooperation with experts at Donati Spa (a planning and construction company in Italy). This means that the Kinesit will automatically respond to the weight and pressure of the user and allow for synchronised movement. Aesthetically, none of the mechanisms are visible as they are completely integrated into the chair, and natural comfort is achieved thanks to the comfortable, light and liveable form.

Arper has been recognized for its innovative approach in creating the Kinesit and as a result won the Innovationspreis, Architektur and Office Award at Orgatec 2014, being admired for its “simple and young design, high level of comfort and characteristic silhouette” that was said to make it stand out from other office chairs.

More recently, the Kinesit received an enthusiastic reception and was awarded with the iF Gold Award:

“This office chair has a thoroughly original design. In the sector of office furniture, design also aims to create a sense of motivation and enjoyment in performing one’s tasks at work. This chair, with its modern and sleek silhouette, meets this requirement in a completely original way. All commands are hidden inside the chair thus lending unprecedented lightweight and clean aesthetics to the product.”

For further information on the Kinesit collection please contact us by email at or call 0151 363 0544.

Insight by Charlotte